Welcome to the new, improved ‘Essentials’ catalogue.

As we approach the 60th anniversary of service to the Jewellery trade, we continue to strive to improve our product range, value for money and service, and I believe this catalogue marks a significant step forward.

The first improvement you will notice is in the layout. Having listened to customers comments we have elected to use the ‘Colourway’s’ format, so if for example, a silver amethyst earring is required, you will find all our amethyst selection together in the same section, colour coded by metal type. Our aim is to be as user friendly as possible.

The second improvement will not be noticed until you order. In most cases you will order from this catalogue because you need the style straight away. We have been working hard to improve our levels of stock availability, to ensure that your order is despatched as quickly as possible.

This catalogue is not the largest available, we have included only essential proven sellers. There are many distinctive pieces, and we are adding new designs all the time. Discover the latest additions by contacting your Area Sales Manager.

We are strictly trade only.

Order Hotline +44(0)1253 336707